Islamic Economics    الاقتصاد الإسلامي

الاقتصاد الاسلامي

The value of the study is the value of its sources and the importance of the void that fills it.

 Islamic Economics     الاقتصاد الإسلامي


                                                               In order for us to be free from confusion and clear the vision, we should put the reader’s finger on the point of convergence and separation and ask about the concept of Islamic economics and its position among the many economic concepts.

       The researcher is neutral in nature, working to obtain results from the results, and not  make it. His credibility is to avoid assumptions and perceptions, let his research create himself, and pronounce his results, with every text or opinion referred to its source.

                    The economic field is a vital field that has weighed down in life and attracted global thought. His problems undermined states and societies due to the severity of its impact and its importance, not only in terms of study, but in terms of life, and its importance appears in the connection of human life and its material destiny to its wheel.


 The field of economics is a vital field that has weighed down in life, attracted global thought and its problems rattled the countries and societies due to its severe impact and its importance not only with regard to study, but with regard to life and its importance appear in the connection of human life and its material destiny to its wheel, Because it is indispensable for an individual or a family or A group or a state … A nation may live without literature or philosophy, but it does not live without resources that secure its life and guarantee its continuity … And before we find its members thinking about entertainment and luxuries, we find them thinking about the necessities of life.  


Islamic Economics     الاقتصاد الإسلامي

The study as a whole aims to devise an integrated applicable scientific economic Islamic approach.

It expresses the originality, stature and advantage of the Islamic economy as a nation’s economy. God described it as a nation in the middle and its middle economy .

Islamic economy

Islamic Economics      الاقتصاد الإسلامي


The concept of the word economics and the nature of the main trends under it

The word economics, a word used by the private and public, to the extent that its use unlike many sciences – has gone out of the scientific framework and made its way to popular circles.

That is because it linked to a vital reality that imposed its presence and dominance over the lives of individuals, families, states, and societies

It helped in its circulation and popularity that everyone believed that economic progress was the basis or measure of general progress. Their meanings and concepts near and far, have not defined, nor have they scientifically or legally controlled, and they differ in the past and the present, according to the different trends of the economic doctrines and the extent of their relationship to the political and social doctrines and the goals envisaged behind them. As a model for this difference, we take a brief picture of the character that marked the main economic trends or systems represented in the capitalist, communist and Islamic direction.

الاقتصاد الاسلامي

Islamic economics approach to wealth production and consumption -edition arabic-

Investment, its production institutions and its factors



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