Economic activity and human needs


Economic problem

           The economic problem, or what they universally termed the economic problem, has human and natural causes: the most important of which is the scarcity of resources and a large number of needs, or the lack of incomes. And the increase in expenditures, or what “Thomas Malthus” called the imbalance between the population and the amount of resources sufficient to secure their lives. It is in this sense a problem the individual, the family, the state, and thus the problem of the world. Global resources do not cover the needs of more than three to five billion people, especially since they not distributed regionally, internationally. And continentally according to the population, and that some of their income – as human causes, is spent on wars and advanced weapons, in building space ships, factories of oppression and destruction, and in what is harmful such as drugs, instead of spending on what pleases humanity. In addition, does not make it miserable: it is more difficult to tamper with the wealth of nations and deviate from the power of money, and the authority of knowledge from the ways of the guided. The Qur’an denounced such behavior. And that is in the Almighty’s saying: “ Do you adopt a sign with every rent, tampering with and taking factories so that you may be immortal, and when you become violent, you are tyrannical, so fear God and obey and fear Him who has provided you with what you know. 

         In addition, if the world’s resources covered all its needs, or  justly distributed among its inhabitants, there would be no famine, unemployment, and foreign debts… Even the industrialized countries’ resources do not cover relatively all their needs. This prompted it to cooperate, unite, and confront the millions of unemployed people in its peoples. Unemployment is a form of material scarcity and many needs. A statement clarified that the economic problem is general and global, namely the deficit in the budgets of America and the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution. The developed countries were preoccupied with their problems, united around their interests, and as a result of their bloc, the global economy closed and the international monetary system was above it in their favor at the expense of the third world countries. Although working for the benefit of humanity as a whole, especially ensuring food security is the responsibility of man as a race. In addition, his honesty towards God’s succession to him, God created the earth, and wanted it as a place for life, and a source for architecture. And chose him as a tool for building this architecture and working to secure this life not for some, but for everyone and what rides on its back, starting with himself and his dependents, then with the animals he owns.

         God’s will has been common for the movement of the universes to be permanent, and the human being as a living being was singled out with reason and the ability to organize the wheels of life. He could not stand and the movements of the universes are constantly around him… And movement – whatever its kind and source was not for it, could not take place, without a motive, an engine, or a cause, and every movement expresses the reason for its existence and carries the reason for which it was established. Although they differ in quality, they do not differ in response to their physical and moral factors. The birds that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said about us: “If you put your trust in God in the right to trust Him, He would have provided you with sustenance, just as he provides for the birds, they become sacks and go in feathers. ” They did not retreat into their dens. And complaint about the scarcity of resources and the abundance of needs, but rather in a constant movement, so they search, move, and link in her movement between mornings. And evening expresses in her condition the meaning of reliance on the success of causes, not in abandoning them, so God bless her endeavor, and she deserves to become hungry and go full. And other land and sea animals, looking and moving. And the circumstances or the need that prompted her to search for the sources of her strength and to secure her life, are the same ones that compelled man to work and search and struggle with nature in order to extract from her his strength and clothing.

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